Wednesday Evenings

6:00pm and 7:00pm

Wedneday Evening prayer

At 6:00pm we gather for prayer for our community, God's will, and for Israel.

Current Study

At 7:00pm Pastor John leads us through Created to Dream by Rick Warren, which he is also preaching on Sundays.

God has a dream for your life but you may give up too soon if you don't understand the process God uses to fulfill the dream He gives you. The Bible is full of stories of people whose God-given dreams became reality - but not without first going through the six phases of faith. Each phase is a test of your faith.

The process God uses to grow your faith:
Phase 1: Dream - God puts an exciting dream in your heart.
Phase 2: Decision - You make the decision to go after the dream.
Phase 3: Delays - God allows delays to get you ready for the dream.
Phase 4: Difficulties - You face problems that grow your character.
Phase 5: Dead Ends - Your situation becomes impossible.
Phase 6: Deliverance - God miraculously fulfills the dream!

Knowing these Biblical six phases of faith will allow you to stop wondering, "Why is this happening to me?" and begin cooperating with God's process of growing you and your faith.

You can pick up your study guide and/or book at the church.